Woodland Products

As part of our conservation activities, the Trust produces a number of by-products which we offer to the public to purchase. All proceeds go towards further conservation management.


The Trust needs to fell trees for a number of reasons…

  • coppicing in order to create woodland glades that allow more light onto the ground so increasing bio-diversity
  • to remove dead and dying trees that have been affected by Dutch Elm disease or Ash Die Back
  • to remove trees from the side of a footpath that are considered to be a potential public safety hazard

Logs are delivered free up to two miles from East Keswick and are supplied in volumes of multiples of half a cubic meter. Our most convenient volume is 1cu.m.

Our logs are fully seasoned under cover and comprise mainly of Elm and Ash with some Sycamore and the occasional Hawthorn. Logs are best stored under cover. We do not supply kiln dried logs as these need to be stored indoors, as they naturally absorb atmospheric moisure and lose their kiln dried condition.

Chopping Blocks

The Trust can supply chopping blocks which are very useful when using an axe to split wood for kindling. The blocks are sections of Elm, Ash or Sycamore approximately 500 to 600mm long and up to 400mm diameter.

Bean Poles

To support climbers such as beans or Sweet Peas. Length up to 3m with a base diameter of 50mm.

To order, please contact David on 07710 381152 or email info@ekwt.org.uk