Bardsey Fields Campaign

The Choice Is Simple

Do You Want This ?

Or This ?

Even green belt is not safe with the present housing strategy, as there have been planning applications on part of this land in the past

We Want to Buy & Safeguard Bardsey Fields

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to save these fields for wildlife, for our local community, for our future, and to protect them from unsuitable development forever. Emma Explains more:

Our long term vision is to:

  • Enhance nature and wildlife on these already incredible fields
  • Facilitate public access and look to link up walking routes through our village
  • Inspire people to enjoy and learn about nature and our climate, in particular the children in our local community
  • Investigate opportunities to work with nature to help manage water on the fields to reduce flood risk in our community and downstream
  • Work with many others in our community to develop ideas for the site

Map of the Area

The Site: Woodacre Lane, Bardsey, LS17 9DF – Click the land areas below for more information on each area

What Can I Do?

East Keswick Wildlife Trust needs your donations
to help raise £500,000 by November 24th

For Wildlife

For Our Community

For Our Future

Safeguard the future of Bardsey Fields, do something incredible today

Direct – Online Transfer / Cheques

For larger donations it is better to donate directly by making a direct bank transfer or pay by cheque.

Don’t forget to fill out a gift form which will add 25p to every £1 you donate.

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If you are uncomfortable making a direct bank transfer. You can make a donation to our Just Giving Page

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What will happen to my donation if the trust is not successful in buying Bardsey Fields?

All donations over £100 will be returned to donors. We ask any donors giving under £100 if their donation can be put into a fund to help manage existing nature reserves managed by the East Keswick Wildlife Trust.

What will happen if we receive money in excess of our target of £500,000?

We ask donors to allow us to put surplus funds that were not required to purchase these sites into a Trust Land Fund to purchase other sites to rewild or plant new woodlands in the parish of Bardsey, Collingham, East Keswick or the local area.

For any more information please contact us

David0771 038 1152
Melanie0775 439 8532

People Already Supporting Our Cause

Graham Parry – Bardsey Primary Head Teacher

I think the suggestion of a nature reserve is a lovely one and something that the pupils of Bardsey Primary would benefit from greatly. Not only would it offer opportunities to enhance their learning outside the classroom for subjects such as science and geography, but it would also provide timely opportunities to educate and raise awareness in relation to the climate emergency we are experiencing. Footpaths through the reserve would also provide a unique and safe walking route to school for many of our families which would help to reduce congestion and pollution locally.

Richard Marsh – Senior Nature Conservation Officer At Leeds City Council

Having been given a guided walk around the nature reserves being managed by East Keswick Wildlife Trust, I must say how impressed I was by the group’s professionalism and enthusiasm. For a local community group to form and take it upon themselves to raise money from their local community to purchase land for the purposes of nature conservation, I can think of no better example of ‘bottom-up’ local community action – and I have worked for many years in the nature conservation sector across England.

I will be passing on information about this group to any other local community group that professes a concern to protect their local wildlife assets – a leading example of what can be achieved rather than what could be achieved.