Winter Bird Survey

On Sunday March 24th, a good number of the Wildlife Trust members met to observe the different bird species in the Parish. We usually carry out the survey in January, but had to postpone it until March this year. After a chilly start the sun came out and it was a lovely day.

The total number of species recorded was 48 as opposed to 36 last year. Some of the additional species seen were lapwing, snipe and goosander.

Many thanks to everyone who took part.

Winter Bird Survey Results

The winter bird survey took place on 14th January 2023. A total of 36 different bird species were observed during the walk from St Mary Magdalene Church on Moor Lane, through the Marsh and then along Moor Lane. We then crossed Harewood Road and walked along by the river, up Fitts Lane and back into the village.

Bird species observed

BullfinchHouse Sparrow
BlackbirdSong Thrush
Blue TitGreat Tit
Long-tailed TitWillow/Marsh Tit
PheasantRed Kite
Wood PigeonRock/Feral Dove
Greater-spotted WoodpeckerHeron
Greylag GooseCanada Goose
MallardBlack-headed Gull
Herring GullCormorant
Red Kite
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