Harvest Mice in the Marsh

After finding possible Harvest Mice nests in the Marsh, their presence has been confirmed by a small-mammal trapping weekend 4th to 6th October.
Visitors from Ossett, Pocklington, Kirby Malzard and as far away as Cumbria attended the joint Yorkshire Mammal Group and EKWT Harvest Mice Weekend in Keswick Marsh.
The Sunday morning proved very successful when 23 of the 50 traps had mammals…
11 Field Mice, 10 Bank Voles, one Common Shrew and one Harvest Mouse.
A Harvest Mouse

A Harvest Mouse

Field Mouse, EK Quarry'_DxO cloned_DxO

A Field Mouse


Weighing and recording small mammals in the Marsh.

2 thoughts on “Harvest Mice in the Marsh

    • Hi Danni
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, the Harvest Mouse is very cute. The easiest way to see if these mice inhabit an area is to look for their nests in long grass. Have a look at the internet to see what the nests look like and when to look.
      We haven’t yet planned a Small Mammal Survey for this year, but keep an eye on the website…. if we have a trapping session, it will be during the first week in October.

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