September – sharing seeds

Wildlife groups and individuals have recently been contacting the trust to learn from our several years of experience of wildflower seed collecting, germinating and plug-planting.

In September, members of the Menston Area Nature Trust were guided in the process of collecting and sowing seeds for the land that they hope to acquire shortly. They have been mentored by the EKWT on how to form a wildlife trust and become a charity.

Working in a joint venture, the Wood Meadows Trust at Escrick have asked for our help in germinating some uncommon species and to share seeds and plant plugs for their wetland and meadow areas.

Hearing of our expertise, York City Council Community Woodland have asked us to try to germinate Large Hemp Nettle, which is relatively uncommon in this area.

To top up our own supplies, this Autumn volunteers have collected seeds, nuts and berries from various habitats within the parish.

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